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Pinna Infotech Campus Recruitment Drive @ Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences(SHIATS), Allahabad

Campus recruitment drive was held at Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agricutlure, Technology & Sciences(SHIATS), Allahabad on Nov 22 and 23.Pinna Infotech campus recruitment drive for final and pre-final year engineering students was held at the SHIATS. Nearly 100+ students from Allahabad took part in the placement drive.

Pinna Infotech provided two days training in Indian Govt. Department workshop

Pinna Infotech provided exlusively by a corporate trainer and are two day workshops designed for individuals with a desire to and train colleagues to learn Adobe photoshop & digitalization management.

CWAP programme for Engineers

Our flagship CWAP program is designed to give students skills in creating web based portals and application while getting a good conceptual understanding of the architecture of the Web and good software engineering and programming practices.

The most valuable component of this program is its emphasis on project work modeled on real life situations, involvement with actual live projects and inculcating values and attitudes that will facilitate their career growth. The coursework includes practical knowledge of web architecture, software development process and understanding requirements, web development environments (.net/php), open source software and contemporary areas like cloud computing and mobile technology.

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Training Programme


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